22nd Avenue reopening today in Brookings

(Metro photo)

Reconstruction project completed ahead of schedule

BROOKINGS — Expect rejoicing from motorists in Brookings on this afternoon as, at 5 p.m., 22nd Avenue South will reopen to traffic from its intersection with Eastbrook Drive south to the intersection of Eighth Street South.

That segment of one of the most-traveled avenues in Brookings has been undergoing reconstruction since spring, bringing detours and likely more than a few hair-raising moments for motorists using said detours.

Information released Thursday evening from the city indicates that:

  • Crews are working on final cleanup of topsoil and debris adjacent to the roadway, along with street sweeping and final seeding.
  • Minor finish work is expected to continue through Oct. 13, but it isn’t expected to affect traffic.
  • Detour signage will be removed beginning today and continuing through early next week.
  • Please note that, although the travel lanes on 22nd Avenue South have been widened, the alignment has been slightly modified. So, pay attention to any lane shifts.

The project’s completion comes sooner than expected, meaning that crews and contractors met the contractual expedited schedule. The work completed was the second phase of the overall reconstruction of 22nd Avenue South. Additional work is expected in the years ahead once funds are available to initiate the third phase of reconstruction.

Further information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/cityofbrookings.