A message for flag fliers

Letter to the editor

Residents and business owners of Brookings and beyond. 

My name is Ed Browne, and I live in Brookings. Even though I am only home officially one day a week, I continue to observe the businesses and residences who are attempting to be patriotic by flying the American flag. It saddens me to see a flag that is in disrepair. Many flags are torn to the point where they are fragments of flags. 

These flags need to be taken down and properly retired by the VFW. Please take a look each week at your flag, and if it is showing signs of wear by the elements, please replace it. This will show respect for the American flag. Torn flags which are flown show disrespect for our great country. I served in the Air Force from 1973-1981. I respect our flag and our country. Please consider changing your flag if need be.