Abortion, climate changes dangerous link

Letter to the editor

I found Dave Wegner’s Oct. 8 letter to the editor in The Brookings Register to be interesting.

In case you missed it, he declared reproductive health care/abortion (interchangeable words in his letter) to be an essential service. He said it is necessary because he believes the world is overpopulated and that is causing climate change.

Interesting perspective.

That means abortion isn’t the taking of an innocent life in the womb. Rather it is ridding the planet of more carbon-dioxide emitting creations, which we already have too many of.

When that is the goal, why waste time and money looking for a vaccine for coronavirus? Let’s just move COVID-19 victims into nursing homes and speed up the depopulation effort. How about a postage stamp tribute series to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot? Think of all the good they did in removing these carbon-dioxide emitters.

Unbelievable that someone would advocate abortion to, as Wegner wrote, “save the planet.”

I will compliment Wegner on his honesty. He illuminated the exact road that radical environmentalists want us to go down.