ACEs training set for Wednesday

BROOKINGS – An Adverse Childhood Experiences training will be held from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday at the 1921 Building, in the second-floor community room. 

This event is in person, and attendees can bring their own lunch. 

ACEs are the most powerful determinant of the public’s health. Research shows ACEs have a direct impact on an individual’s nervous system and brain development, which creates long-term mental and physical health issues as well as an increase in at-risk behavior. 

The good news is maltreatment is preventable. ACEs are common – in fact, they are widespread, but they do not have to define an individual’s future or potential. Through ACEs training, the public can better understand ACEs, their impact, and how to build hope and resiliency by establishing a trauma-informed and self-healing community. 

Trainers for this event are Curstie Konold and Nikki Eining.

Visit to register.


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