Agendas 09-14-20

Elkton School Board

The Elkton School District Board of Education will meet at 5 p.m. Monday in the north gym. Items on the agenda include:

• Approve minutes

• Approve financial report

• Bills

• Resignation of kindergarten teacher

• Approve contract for new kindergarten teacher

• Conflict of interest disclosures

• Surplus of greenhouse

• Approve capital outlay tax request

• Approve opting out of payroll tax deferral

• Adding part time custodian position

• Declaration of school employee’s essential workers

• Public comments

• NESC report

• Library report

• Business manager report

• Superintendent’s report

• Principal’s report

• Executive session

Rutland School Board 

The Rutland School District Board of Education will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the Rutland school media center. Items on the agenda include:

• Approve minutes

• Consideration of claims

• Business manager’s financial report

• Public forum

• PLEC report

• Superintendent’s report

• Conflict of interest disclosures

• Coronavirus relief fund

• Senior projects

• Approve substitute contract

• First reading of policy reviews

• Second reading of a policy review

• Tax levy resolution for taxes payable in 2021

Park and Recreation

The Brookings Park and Recreation Board will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the Brookings City & County Government Center at 520 Third St. Items on the agenda include:

• Approve agenda 

• Approve minutes

• Tour of some Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry facilities

• Staff reports

• Bob Shelden update

• Activity center update

• Fall/winter projects

• Sexauer dog park grant

• Master plan

• Art project

• Upcoming programs and events

Brookings School Board

The Brookings School District Board of Education meet at 6 p.m. Monday at Dakota Prairie Elementary School at 111 26th St. S. Items on the agenda include:

• Conflict of interest declarations

• Comments from the audience

• BEST Award recipients

• Performance Oversight Committee report

• Facilities and Construction Committee report

• Policy and Governance Committee report

• Human Rights Ad Hoc Committee report

• Negotiations Ad Hoc Committee report

• School Finance Ad Hoc Committee report

• Intergovernmental Relations Ad Hoc Committee report

• Mental Health Coalition Committee report

• General board member communications

• Superintendent’s report

• High school report

• Middle school report

• Camelot report

• Dakota Prairie report

• Hillcrest report

• Medary report

• Director of curriculum and instruction report

• Director of special services report

• Director of activities report

• Director of child nutrition report

• Director of instructional technology and knowledge management report

• Director of business services report

• Facility construction update

• Approve minutes

• Approve financial report

• Approve open enrollments

• Approve donated items

• Approve Lowe’s donated items to be gifted to the Brookings School District Foundation

• Approve disposal of surplus items by the appropriate means

• Approve comprehensive plans for special educations

• Approve memorandum of agreement  with SDSU establishing a teacher education hub

• Approve driver retention bonus

• Consideration of plan to participate in IRS employee payroll tax deferral

• Consideration of amendment for adult lunch prices

• Approve contract with Nancy Hausman and Lori Maher to provide title services to St. Thomas More at a rate of $30 per hour

• Executive session to consult with legal counsel on contractual matters

Arlington School Board

The Arlington School District Board of Education will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday. Items on the agenda include:

• Approve minutes

• Financial statements

• Current bills

• Open enrollments

• Public comments

• Conflict of interest declaration

• Surplus property

• Parking

• Roof maintenance and repair

• Playground equipment

• Coronavirus relief fund grant funding

• Adult meal prices

• Signage agreement

• Custodian contract

• NESC report

• Overview of school to date

• Approve tax request

• Approve budget

• Principal report

• Superintendent report

• Student teacher agreement with SDSU

• Executive session  for the student educational program and for contract negotiations

Deubrook School Board

The Deubrook Area School District Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. Monday in the music room of the school in Toronto. Items on the agenda include:

• Open forum

• Approve agenda

• Dolphin good news report

• Conflict of interest disclosures

• Financial reports

• Approve minutes

• Accounts payable and payroll

• Extended services contract for SPED instructor

• Special education comprehensive plan

• Textbook surplus

• Review of bus routes

• Approve budgets for fiscal year 2020-2021

• Essential worker designation

• First reading on policy review for expense reimbursements

• Open enrollment applications

• New contracts for a certified teacher and school food service

• Superintendent’s report

• Junior and senior high principal’s report

• Elementary principal’s report

• Executive session

• Facility Committee report

• NESC report

• Community library report


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