An alien among us?

John Kubal/Register: From left: During their dress rehearsal for one-act play “Alienated” Thursday evening, friends Kelsey Werpy, Ry Serrett (Cammie), Breana Nupren and Ethin Christenson consider Cammie’s plan for questioning their fellow classmates to determine who might be an alien.

BHS one-act play staged at 7 p.m. Monday

BROOKINGS – There may be an alien among the senior class. And a quartet of cronies is determined to find out who it is: Is it one of the inner circle (popular kids); the middle circle (normal kids); or the outer circle (irregular kids, fittingly seated at a square table). 

In brief, that’s “Alienated,” the one-act play being staged at 7 p.m. Monday in V.A. Bell Auditorium at Brookings High School.

“There’s a rumor that’s been going on ever since they were little kids that somebody in the community is an alien and she (Cammie, played by Ry Serrett) is going to figure out who it is,” explained director Matthew Jacobsen, a seventh-grade language arts and reading teacher at Mickelson Middle School. This is his fifth year as BHS’s one-act play director. 

“She has gathered her senior class to figure out which one of them is an alien.” The set is a journalism classroom in a typical American high school.

The production is being staged by BHS freshmen through seniors in the 25-member cast and about 10 crew doing lights, sound and makeup.

Following Monday’s performance, the show takes to the road: the one-act play competition in Aberdeen on Thursday (Jan. 31) against other South Dakota high school one-act players.

For competition, the play is fast-paced: “We have to be on with our set; we have to do our play and be off with our set – all in 45 minutes,” explained Jacobsen.

Tickets are available at the door. Admission is $4 for students and seniors; $6 for others; and activity tickets are also good for admission.


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