BHS alumni in Big 10 bands

Editor's note: This article has been updated to correct Kappenman's last name.

BROOKINGS – Brookings High School graduates Isabella Kappenman and Jenna Knudtson have lots to beat their drums about. Both are performing with Big 10 college bands this year.

Both college freshmen auditioned for marching bands from their respective colleges during their senior year at BHS.

Kappenman is attending the University of Minnesota, which only accepted 40 percent of auditioning students this year. She will be in the percussion drum line as one of the tenor drum specialists. Band practice for the 320 U of M band members started Aug. 22, and they practiced from 9 a.m.-9:30 p.m. until Sept. 1. The practice ended with the University of Minnesota band marching in the parade at the Minnesota State Fair on Sept. 2.

Kappenman is majoring in animal science, specializing in handling wildlife. Her goal is continuing on to a veterinary degree.

Knudtson, a freshman at the University of Nebraska, is also in the percussion drum line on snare drum. Her schedule also included 12-hours-a-day band practice. She reported to Lincoln, Nebraska, Aug. 9, and the UNL band started its practices Aug. 12.

The typical band day for students on the day of home games includes rehearsals, uniform inspection, pep rally, marching to the stadium and performing at half time. Knudtson’s first performance in a Husker uniform was Sept. 1, as the Huskers kicked off their football season. The band will also travel to any playoff or bowl games along with the football team.

Knudtson is majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis in renewable energy.

October 20 will be a very special day for the best friends, Knudtson and Kappenman. They will be on the same field performing with their respective school bands. The Univeristy of Minnesota football team will go up against the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.


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