Biersbach: Vote for Post

Letter to the editor

I am pleased to write a letter of support to re-elect District 7 State Rep. Doug Post. He is a man with a solid foundation who votes in Pierre consistent with what he says back home. In addition to true integrity, he is very approachable. 

He sits on the Appropriations Committee. Our long-term best interests suggest we need to continue to maintain a balanced budget, not borrow more from our children. 

South Dakotans understand we must live within our means. We need to continue to have one of the most successful and fully funded state retirement systems in the USA. 

Doug is family friendly as indicated by his interest in protecting the most vulnerable in our society, unborn girls and boys. He is an SDSU alumni and family dairy farmer so has deep roots in this district. He and his wife Ginger have been loving foster parents to two young children which greatly exemplifies their care and concern for young people at risk. 

The virus has presented some new and unknown challenges. At the same time, we all know we will work through this and other challenges with strong, consistent leadership. 

We need transparency, not hidden agendas. 

After researching issues, his votes are based on the facts, not on emotion. 

Join me in supporting a straight shooter and true conservative to make sure that issues and debate are made public and transparency maintained.