BPD: Vehicle taken, suspect arrested

BROOKINGS – A Brookings man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly taking a vehicle that didn’t belong to him, according to Brookings Police.

Arrested was Taylor Richardson, 18, of Brookings, Sgt. Joel Perry said.

The Brookings County State’s Attorney’s Office reports that Richardson is facing a charge of unauthorized operation of a motor vehicle.

The incident was reported around 8 p.m. Saturday, when officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Eighth Avenue for a report of a stolen vehicle, Perry said.

It didn’t take officers long to recover the vehicle, which they found in the 500 block of 12th Street South, Perry said.

There was no reported damage to the vehicle, he added.

“Keys were in the car,” Perry said.

He warned people to be aware, while acknowledging that we’re in the winter season.

“It’s almost a no win … This time of year is tough,” Perry said.

“You want to warm (the car) up and then it’s just a crime of opportunity, somebody comes by it and takes it,” Perry said.

It’s better to be in or at least near your vehicle while it’s warming up to cut down on the chances someone will steal it. Don’t try to warm up the vehicle inside; it’s dangerous. 

“You want to start your car in the driveway; you don’t want to start (it) in the garage,” where carbon monoxide can build up and lead to sickness or death, Perry said.


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