Brookings Health System recognized as COVID-19 vaccination ambassador

Brookings Health System photo: An employee receives one of the first doses of the Moderna vaccine at Brookings Health System in December 2020.

BROOKINGS – Brookings Health System recently announced that more than 75% of all staff members have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are proud to report that our facility has vaccinated 77% of our staff,” Quality Director Emily Delbridge said. “Our caregivers recognize that getting vaccinated is one of the most effective ways to protect themselves, patients and nursing home residents against this deadly virus. Since day one of the pandemic, they have worked day and night to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.”

Health care providers were placed first in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine because of their essential role in fighting this pandemic. Vaccinating all health care providers will help protect them from getting sick and protect patients and residents who are at risk for severe illness. Early protection of staff is critical to preserve an organization’s capacity to care for the public. In addition, staff can serve as role models in their communities. By getting vaccinated first, they can positively influence the vaccination decisions of coworkers, residents, friends and family.

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network has recognized Brookings Health System as a COVID-19 Vaccination Ambassador. The Great Plains QIN was enlisted by CMS to help increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in North Dakota and South Dakota.

“Kudos to the team at Brookings Health System for your efforts to ensure residents are protected by encouraging and promoting vaccination among your staff. It is critical for health care professionals to be confident in dispelling myths and addressing questions from patients, residents and staff who may be hesitant to receive the vaccine,” said Dee Kaser, Great Plains QIN quality improvement adviser.

“Each of us have been impacted by the pandemic, and through vaccination, we can prevent the spread to our friends, family and community. We applaud your efforts and are pleased to recognize Brookings Health System for this accomplishment,” added Tammy Wagner, Great Plains QIN quality improvement adviser.

“While we remain optimistic, our work does not stop here. The virus is still a very real threat, and we must continue to do all that we can to protect our community and frontline caregivers,” Delbridge added. “We continue to encourage vaccinations, as well as follow all safety guidelines such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and conducting regular testing.”  

 Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is the Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization for North Dakota and South Dakota.


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