Brookings teachers working to June 6

No change for students’ last day, May 31

BROOKINGS – The Brookings School Board this week approved a scheduling plan for teachers, a necessary action given the number of school days canceled this year. With the board’s approval, the last day of school for school staff will be June 6. 

The student calendar was extended during the last school board meeting to May 31, but the schedule for teachers and staff needed to be dealt with separately due to other requirements and contracts in play.

Brookings School District Superintendent Klint Willert said they strived to provide the maximum amount of flexibility for staff that they could while meeting all necessary requirements.

He said that two structured days will be provided for staff. One will be for staff development, and the other will be a wellness day.

As outlined in the agreement, a staff member who can’t make it to those structured days due to prior plans can “borrow” up to two personal days from the 2019-2020 school year if they can provide proof of lining up their travel plans before April 1, such as proof of hotel or airplane reservations.

They also call for two flexible contract days that can be completed during any non-contract day or outside the work day prior to June 30.

“We’re trying to find as many options and opportunities to honor staff and be flexible and still fulfill the parameters outlined in our master agreement,” Willert said.

He added that even with a couple additional snow days, the existing schedule for students should remain as is. That’s because there has been enough time built into this plan to accommodate student contact time between teachers and students thanks to the extension of Wednesdays into full school days.

“I’m hopeful and hopefully optimistic that this Thursday will be Mother Nature’s last hurrah and we can finally put winter behind us and look forward to spring,” Willert said.

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