Candle, dead chickens, message in wax left at residence

BROOKINGS – A candle, a message written in wax and a pair of dead chickens were left at a local residence this week, according to the Brookings Police.

The incident was reported at 9:23 a.m. Thursday and occurred in the 900 block of First Street, Lt. Marci Gebers said.

“There had been a candle placed in the snow near their sidewalk that leads up to their door, and around the candle there were two dead chickens that had been placed there in the snow,” Gebers said, adding a message had been written on the door using the wax from the candle. 

“This wasn’t a racial slur or anything like that,” she added.

The message left the residents puzzled. 

“They could not think of anyone that would have been upset with anyone that resides in the residence there. The message that was written didn’t make any sense to them, didn’t mean anything to them,” Gebers said. 

There is a chance it was a case of mistaken identity and the wrong house was targeted, she added.

There was no damage to the door, and “it appeared that the chickens had been deceased for some time,” Gebers said.


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