Coffeehouse tips go to Good Gifts

BROOKINGS – The Mission of the Month at the Mission Coffeehouse at First Lutheran Church  for November is Good Gifts, give something unexpected this Christmas.  

Take the guess work out of shopping. Honor friends and loved ones with gifts that grow and transform lives. 

What if you could gift someone in the world with a gift that saves their life? All your donations support long-term sustainable solutions that ensure that people who live in poverty have a chance at new life. 

Imagine receiving a gift of an animal that  you can raise and sell the produce from. Imagine the gift of fresh water from a well or to irrigate your field. Imagine receiving the gift of an education or essential text books. Imagine the gift of food or medicine. Imagine the gift of surgery or dental care. 

Imagine the gift of blankets or a disaster survival kit. Imagine the gift of farming and seeds. Imagine the gift of Bibles or hymnals. Imagine the gift of a pastor or Sunday school. All of these gifts can be given through your donation through Good Gifts.

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