Coffeehouse tips help bring smiles

BROOKINGS – The Mission of the Month at the Mission Coffeehouse at First Lutheran Churh for November is Bring a Smile to a Child. 

As the world is experiencing many events negatively affecting humanity, we want to bring hope and smiles.  The Succotz church ACTION (A Call To Impact Our Nation) team is embarking on their fifth annual Christmas program “Bring a Smile to a Child.” 

With this program they seek to bring joy, happiness, peace and gifts to those who are the least fortunate in their small village of Succotz, Belize, located in the mountain rainforests. They have identified over 100 children of low income families that will receive a gift and a smile. 

They have planned a day of activities to be held on Dec. 21 where families will be invited to receive a meal and participate in a fun filled date ending with a gift provided by you. It is not the quantity that counts, but the desire to bring a smile to a child and show the love we have for them and most important, the love of Christ. 

Thye have projected a cost value of $5 gift per child. You can be part of this with any donation you want to give – it can be for 1, 10, or 20 children, as many as you desire. 

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