Concerns on masks, COVID rules, race, traffic, thefts of political signs


I understand why some people feel the need to wear masks. But it’s not for me. I have chronic sinus infections and wearing a mask just irritates this condition.

Why should Brookings have to be the first and only city to mandate masks in South Dakota? Of course, the numbers were going to increase when 12,000 college students returned from all over the world and public schools were opened. Maybe college and public schools should have been online for the first semester? Maybe the Sioux Empire Fair, Sturgis Bike Rally, the State Fair, all funerals and weddings should have been canceled?

I don’t believe the city council has the right to mandate wearing a mask. That’s too much power! It should have been voted on by the public as it affects everyone. Why are churches exempt? Why should sports be allowed to continue and have spectators?

Businesses are just beginning to open up again. Can’t you trust the people to take responsibility for their own health? I check my temperature, don’t cough or sneeze on anyone, use hand sanitizer, and stay socially distanced from people. The ordinance is not specific enough to different situations and is causing confusion as well as annoyance. I think the police have better things to do. I hope that the petition the public has been circulating is successful.

After months of being cooped up at home, I’ve had enough. The City Council has made people afraid to live anymore because they are so afraid to die. That’s not a healthy attitude! I want to live my life while I can. People should use this time to make wills and funeral plans, just in case. I’m not afraid to die as I’m a Christian. But I am afraid of missing out on life itself! Those of you who are worried about the virus, just stay home in your bubble. I believe that whatever we do, the virus will be around for a long time.

On another matter, I believe that the new organization that Fedora Sutton started in hopes of improving racial relations with the Police Department is a step forward indeed. However, each founding member should either take the Citizens’ Police Academy training that the city offers or go for a ride along so they can be informed as to what it’s like to walk in their shoes. I have done both. It was an “eye opener” to me to learn all the things they need to know and put up with every day. They are the real heroes and have my total respect! I think most of us have experienced some type of prejudice in our lives at one time or another. Rioting and looting is just plain criminal. All lives matter!

Also, please put a stop light at Medary Avenue and Third Street as quite a few vehicles drive right through it. It is a very busy and dangerous intersection. Maybe all four-way stops should at least have flashing lights around the signs?

Lastly, I want to express my disgust and anger at the nerve and insensitivity for the people who are trespassing on others' property to steal their political signs. I feel violated by such a childish prank!