Council accepts street bid

BROOKINGS – The Brookings City Council accepted a bid for construction to connect 15th Street South and Seventh Avenue South at Tuesday’s meeting.

The council also approved other items, including commercial corridor designs.

Street construction

Thad Drietz, assistant city engineer, explained the bids on the 15th Street South and Seventh Avenue South street construction project.

The project will connect 15th Street South from Main Avenue South to Medary Avenue, and Seventh Avenue South from 12th Street South at Remington. Construction will run next to the dog park, and McClemans Park, and Seventh Avenue South will cross the recreational trail and a drainage ditch.

The main reason the project has taken so long to start is the city didn’t own the right-of-way, Drietz said. 

“So during the course of this project development, we obtained the right-of-way, negotiating with … landowners, the Costello property there,” Drietz said. Costello Property Management has an apartment complex just off Main Avenue South.

The city acquired enough land for a regional detention pond, which will reduce the 100-year peak flow by about 40% downstream, Drietz said, adding it coincides with the city’s master drainage plan.

The detention pond will be on the north side of 15th Street South, and affordable housing is planned for the south side, Drietz said.

The final piece was negotiating with Mike McClemans regarding the McClemans Addition.

“The drainage channel that goes from 15th South down to the pond at 20th and Medary – we acquired that land and we’re going to improve that channel, which it had some issues with erosion and capacity,” Drietz said.

The city received two bids: $2,628,516 from Bowes Construction and $2,783,823 from Midland Contracting, Inc., Drietz said, adding the Bowes bid was about 5% lower than the engineer’s estimate and fit within the budget.

The project is funded by sales tax; part will be assessed to adjacent land owners, and part of it is TIF-funded, he said, adding the drainage part is funded by the drainage fund.

The council approved Bowes’ bid.

New building on Sixth Street

The council approved a commercial corridor design review overlay district site plan for 418 Sixth St., in the Cheevers Addition.

“With the commercial corridor, the primary emphasis is really protecting what you see as you’re coming along the street side and the applicant did a very, very nice job with this project,” said Mike Struck, director of Community Development.

He explained the new owner, Brookings County Title Company, wants to tear down the building and build a new one.

With the redesign, the building will be re-oriented east/west along Sixth Street and eliminate two of the four access points, one off of Sixth and one off of Fifth Avenue, Struck said.

“This does meet the intent of this ordinance,” Struck said.

“One of the things with this particular project, it is located in a B-1, which has a zero-foot setback,” Struck said.

The applicant plans that there will be at least five feet on the Sixth Street side, he said.

“They feel that they wanted a little bit of that buffer along the sidewalk and then they were able to incorporate some green space,” and add green space on the east side, too, Struck said.

They plan to include off-street parking, incorporate perimeter landscaping, and have bike racks, he said.

Since the commercial corridor design review is a newer project, Councilor Leah Brink asked about exceptions.

“There were a few exceptions that came up; we were able to address some of those through the discussions at the development review team,” Struck said, adding some were resolved before they reached the Planning Commission.

There was one exception on this project: building to the zero-foot front yard setback on Sixth Street, he said.

“I think everyone that’s reviewed the project just felt it was appropriate to have a little bit of green space and buffer along the Sixth Street side,” Struck said. “We feel that the project really meets the intent of what the ordinance was established for and so we’re happy with the end results.”

New coffee shop

Struck explained a second commercial corridor design review, this one for 1402 and 1404 Sixth St.

“The applicant (CD Properties LLC) has acquired two parcels that were previously residential housing stock. They have since removed those two properties (and) have the site ready to move forward with construction,” Struck said.

“They are proposing to construct a coffee shop on the site. They will have a drive-through that will come out to the front side of the building, and then exit onto Sixth Street,” Struck said.

He discussed the architectural features of the building. The east side buffer yard was reduced to five feet, he added.

The Planning Commission recommended approval “with the provision that the applicant install a solid privacy fence or living fence from the southeast corner of their property to a point that’s in line with the southeast corner of the building,” because the city pool is next door to the east, Struck said.

“The thought process on that is as you come around the drive-through, you have the potential of lights could shine into the pool area or be a potential nuisance,” Struck said.

“The drive-through window will be on the north side of the building,” he added.

Brink asked if windows were the only issue.

“The window was the only primary issue here,” Struck said, adding they were still working on the fencing, “but that’s really a landscaping issue and not part of this commercial corridor design review overlay.”

“They’ve done a very, very nice job on the overall design,” Struck said.

Mosaic Wine Bar

The council approved an on-off sale malt license and authorized the city manager to enter into a 10-year agreement for a wine operating agreement for the Mosaic Wine Bar, to be located at 225 Main Ave., formerly the Trendz clothing store. 

Owners are Katelyn Britzman and Nathaniel Condelli.

As they are remodeling, the licenses will be held until the Community Development Department issues the occupancy permit, City Clerk Bonnie Foster said.

“We’re really excited to be here today and hoping to offer something new to the community of Brookings that we don’t have,” Katelyn Britzman said. “I don’t think there’s anything better to do than gather over food and drink, so we hope to do that and invite you all.”

“It’s always good to have a new business start up,” Mayor Ope Niemeyer said.

Alcohol licenses

The council approved a temporary alcohol license for Aramark Educational Services, LLC, for an awards banquet Nov. 5 at the SDSU Alumni Center Woster Celebration Hall, 815 Medary Ave. 

The council approved a transfer of an on-off sale malt license for the Swiftel Center from VenuWorks, LLC, to Global Spectrum, LP, aka Spectra; and authorized the city manager to sign a wine operating agreement for Spectra at the Swiftel Center.

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