Court Report 05-10-19

Court report 4-11


Spencer Davis Kappenman, 21, Sioux Falls, following too closely, fined $122.50.

Rosario Montiel, 44, of 600 Fifth Ave. S. No. 106, no driver’s license, fined $122.50.

Mitchell Dayle Meyer, 28, of 508 Southview Drive, illegal lane change, fined $122.50.

Michael James Lorenzen, 32, of 210 35th St. S., no driver’s license, fined $122.50.

Ryan William Johnson, 22, of 208 ¼ W. Eighth St., careless driving, fined $122.50.

Ujunwa Precious Onyekwe, 19, of 474 Young Hall, SDSU, seat belt violation, fined $25; license not in immediate possession, fined $25.

Paul Brian Cline, 51, of 123 First Ave. S., seat belt violation, fined $25; no driver’s license, fined $122.50.

Jon Alfred Lickteig, 57, Volga, failure to renew registration during assigned month, fined $122.50.

Daniel Billet, 53, of 1900 Main Ave. S., speeding on other roadways, fined $87.50.

James Sheldon Foerster, 66, of 200 Maple Drive, unsafe or illegal backing, fined $122.50.

Daniel D. Jaragoske, 46, Redfield, no driver’s license, fined $122.50.

Jeremiah Ray Howard, 37, Badger, seat belt violation, fined $25.

Court report 4-18


Ashle E. Heier, 27, of 524 Summit Pass, possession of controlled substance in schedules I or II, fined $1,000 and sentenced to four years in the state penitentiary and 30 days in BCDC, all penitentiary time suspended upon conditions imposed by the court, suspended execution of sentence.