Court Report 11-04-19

Court report 10-3


Joan Helen Danforth, 69, Huron, speeding on other roadways, fined $87.50.

John Peter Barrett, 62, Box Elder, seat belt violation, fined $25.

Teresa Hanson, 38, of 600 W. 20th St. S., municipal speeding, fined $92.50

Garrett Ryan Severy, 20, of 638 Faculty Drive, municipal speeding, fined $92.50.

Amber Jean Paulson, 36, of 408 Main Ave. S., film on front window, fined $122.50.

Tom Hammink, 30, of 2021 Derdall Drive, speeding on other roadways, fined $87.50.

Sydney Nana Nyann, 33, of 1047 Main Ave. No. 12B, failure to renew registration during assigned month, fined $122.50.

Stephanie Kay Currier, 43, of 521 12th St. S. No. 29, no driver’s license, fined $122.50.

Bradley James Wilfahrt, 18, New Ulm, Minnesota, open container, fined $122.50; possession of alcohol by a minor, fined $122.50 and sentenced to 10 days in BCDC, all jail time suspended upon conditions imposed by the court.

David Paul Garver, 17, Elkton, seat belt violation, fined $25.

Adam John Verhoek, 27, Bruce, seat belt violation, fined $25.

Trevor W. Bungarden, 25, of 114 Third Ave. S. No. 2, speeding on a state highway, fined $87.50.

Scott Joseph Narragon, 60, of 704 Second St., failure to assure passenger ages 5-18 wear seat belts, fined $25.