‘Criticism of Post off base’ misses the point


The point of my earlier Speakout “Doug Post has failed District 7” was that Mr. Post has failed to support District 7 in some of the key characteristics that District 7 identifies itself with. 

By far the biggest identifier for Brookings is that it is home to SDSU, and any District 7 legislator who does not support SDSU deserves to be voted out of office at the earliest election opportunity. SB 147, the ban of unions in the state university system, was bitterly opposed by the SDSU faculty and yet Post voted for it. 

This slap in the face to every SDSU faculty member should be all the reason anyone in District 7 needs to vote against Post. Not stopping there, he was also against the Dakota’s Promise Scholarship, SB 72, which would have established a need-based scholarship for students in the university system – a clear benefit to many SDSU students and their hard working families. 

Although our current pandemic-induced economic uncertainty makes funding any state-run programs difficult, Post’s opposition to the scholarship was on record well before the global pandemic existed.

Despite the title of Bernie Hendricks’ article, “Criticism of Post off base,” Hendricks never touches on any of these main points and they remain unchallenged by him. Also lacking is an explanation from Hendricks or anyone else on how our tax dollars were well spent in paying Post to help write SCR 602 “To invite responsible gun owners from Virginia to South Dakota.”

Hendricks is incorrect in his assumption that I support a ban on plastic bags and mandating the use of reusable bags. 

But like the Brookings City Council, I would like to hear suggestions and options on how to reduce the use of single use plastics in town (during non-pandemic times, of course) so that I can make a well informed decision on how to accomplish this in a way that would be a good fit and appropriate for our community. 

By sponsoring SB 54, Post sought to go over the council’s heads and shut down the conversation. 

This shows a strong lack of trust in our City Council, and by extension the people who elected the council members. I find it ironic that Post does not trust our local government to make decisions for our community while asking us to place our faith in him to do the same thing.

If we want to discuss the Post co-sponsored HB 1057, I cannot improve on arguments made in the article “Lawmakers reach new low with latest transgender bill” by the Argus Leader on Jan. 23, 2020 and printed in the Register on Jan. 29.

Rep. Post is uncompromising in his political views. This can be an admirable trait if those views perfectly align with your own, but it is less so when those views run contrary to your constituents’ interests. The South Dakota Legislature needs more conservatives like TV host Steve Harvey needs more suits. 

The Republicans outnumber the Democrats 89 to 16, so there is not going to be a liberal uprising any time soon. 

The conservative interests are already covered, but apparently not the interests of District 7. If you want to vote for Republicans with a track record of actually supporting the region you live in, then I strongly suggest that you vote for Tim Reed and Larry Tidemann, both of whom have a history of doing just that.