Don’t judge a book by the cover


Several years ago I traveled to Denver for a wedding.  

As my wife and I drove through Wyoming, I looked out across the prairie and could see nothing but sage brush. I wondered to myself who would want to live in country like this.  

It seemed to contain nothing of worth. But a few miles later we came across an oil derrick working away pumping oil out of the ground.  

And then we saw train after train carrying coal that had been taken from underneath the soil.  

Once again, I was reminded that often when we look only at the surface of something, we miss that which is of real worth hidden underneath.  

This is especially true of people. Often as people come into our lives, we see only that which is on the surface.  

And from what we see often we make quick judgments. 

But Jesus in the gospels reminds us that what we see on the surface is not what is of importance.  

What is important is what lies within the hearts of men and women. Jesus calls us to look beyond what appears on the surface.  

He calls us to get to know others for who they are and for whom they may become through the power of God’s love.  

And if we are willing to take the time to do that not only will we see something of value, we may find our lives blessed in an unexpected way.


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