Exercise your right to vote

Exercise your right as a citizen to vote. If you aren’t registered, do it today by visiting: www.brookingscountysd.gov/286/elections. Vote absentee early. 

The Brookings City & County Government Center will have voting booths set up in the lobby starting Friday, Sept. 18. From 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. five days each week through Nov. 2. My experience is that there is no line. I invite you to vote for the Biden-Harris team for leaders who will restore balance and order for our democracy. Biden reads and synthesizes information, listens to experts, and brings expertise as a leader and thoughtful doer through his years of public service and understanding of the process. 

It is essential that the Biden-Harris team be elected so that with their leadership of our country respect for all is restored; health care for all will be supported; and the economy will grow with thoughtful and thorough guidance. The current chaos and mixed messages emanating from the executive branch create uncertainty and anxiety. My fervent prayer is that you become informed on the issues and vote.