Fireworks burn grass at Medary Elementary

Brookings Fire Department Facebook photo

BROOKINGS – Fireworks were the cause of a grass fire at Medary Elementary School where Safety Town is being conducted, according to the Brookings Fire Department.

The fire was reported at 11:41 a.m. Thursday, Fire Chief Pete Bolzer said, adding it was around the time the morning session of Safety Town let out.

“It was a grass fire on the playground that burned less than a tenth of an acre,” Bolzer said.

Fireworks was the cause, he said.

“I think they saw the fire start and then took off,” Bolzer said.

The fire was put out before the fire department arrived, he said.

“The two police officers that were at Safety Town, they pretty much stopped the spread of the fire and then fire units just wet the area down,” Bolzer said.

The fire department deployed one brush truck and five firefighters. The fire department was on scene about 20 minutes, Bolzer said. There were no injuries, and the only thing damaged was the grass.

Bolzer reminded people that the county is under a burn ban.

“The Fourth of July is over, and it is against state law to discharge fireworks at this time,” he said.