Free summer youth skills camp coming to Brookings

The Cash Money Youth Skills Camp is being held Saturday, June 26 at Mickelson Middle School in Brookings.

A free youth camp is taking place in Brookings this summer. 

Noah Clair is putting on the Cash Money Youth Skills Camp at Mickelson Middle School on Saturday, June 26. The camp is going to have two sessions with the first session being for kids in grades second to fifth and the second session being for kids in sixth through 12th grade.

Clair said his goal is to give kids an opportunity to be active and reach as many kids as possible.

“The main goal is to impact and reach as many kids as possible,” Clair said. “We want to let kids know that they are loved by not only us, but also community members and athletes. It started as a football camp, but then as I’ve grown throughout this, it’s a football camp, but we’re going to be doing a lot of different things. More importantly, we want to reach every kid. If they can’t walk or they can’t run, I don’t care. I want to reach every kid. I don’t care if a kid has never picked up a ball in his life. I want them to be there and have fun and make some friends. The goal is, I want every kid to leave that camp feeling like they made a friend.”

Clair said he wanted to hold the camp last summer, but due to COVID that did not happen. He said he was inspired to create the camp after seeing what his friend, NFL cornerback Pierre Desir, did.

“My buddy, Pierre, he now plays for the Seattle Seahawks. He puts a camp on in St. Louis that is free for kids, and I’ve always loved it. When we talk about things or when I come back from it, I always love the impact it had on kids. I always thought it was really neat how he brought the community together there. I thought to myself three years ago, ‘man, how can we bring it to Brookings?’ I wanted to do it last year, but then COVID and everything hit, so it gave me some time to put it all together,” Clair said.

There will be many athletes and coaches at the camp including Desir, former SDSU running back Zach Zenner and Super Bowl winning coach Brad Seely. Clair said there will also be many football and basketball players from SDSU, USD, Northern State and USF. There will be an autograph signing at Cubby’s after the camp is done.

Sign up for the camp began three weeks ago, and Clair said he’s already had 250 kids sign up.

“I talked to my buddy Pierre [Desir] about how that compares to his and he said, ‘You’re killing it, man.’ Right now, we’re on pace to have 400 kids. We want as many kids as possible though, and we want girls there as well. There will be an NFL cheerleader there as well, Gabby Simmons. We want to reach every kid, no matter what their interest is,” Clair said.

When it comes to impacting kids, Clair said he wants to incorporate faith and the importance of serving other people.

“I feel like in the world we live in, there’s a lot of people that say things on social media like ‘serving and leadership, that’s so great, and serve one another.’ A lot of the times we don’t live up to it as human beings. Especially those who talk a lot about it. I’m a big, big advocate for it. 

“I love serving others, and I love kids. Serving leadership is something I want to emphasize throughout all this. Finding ways to serve others, especially now in a society that is so self-serving. I also want to show Jesus. Service to others, giving to others, loving others and showing Jesus are the four main points I want to hammer home,” Clair said.

To sign up for the camp, go to the Cash Money Youth Skills Camp 2021 Facebook page to find a link to the sign-up page.



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