Frigid weather shows global warming alarmist is wrong


The Rev. Carl Kline’s recent global warming column (Register, Jan. 26, 2019) was bushwhacked by an extraordinary cold wave which paralyzed a large swath of the U.S. and Canada over the following five days.  “At least 340 daily cold records were broken or tied in the Midwest” alone during Jan. 30-31 (, Feb. 1, 2019).  All-time record lows were either tied or set in at least four locations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

Kline had also demanded “action” on climate change two months earlier (Nov. 17, 2018).  This was also followed immediately by “the most frigid Thanksgiving in decades” across the Northeast U.S. This record-shattering cold snap blanketed “New England, New York, and even southward into the northern Mid-Atlantic” (Washington Post, Nov. 23, 2018).

Kline insisted in the same column that climate change had caused “the wild fires in California” which “burned down Paradise.”  His intuitions on this matter are not supported by the historical records on western U.S. droughts and fires. The devastating California Camp Fire “incinerated 153,000 acres, wiped out the entire town of Paradise, and claimed at least 86 lives. Yet in 1910 the ‘Big Burn’ in Idaho and Montana consumed three million acres, wiped out seven towns, and killed 87 among a far smaller and sparser population.” Furthermore,“scientists studying charcoal deposits in California estimate that prehistoric wildfires destroyed between 4.5 million and 11.9 million acres a year.” (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 17, 2018). 

When bad management plagues a large forested area, as it did in California, excess tree density can lead to incalculable consequences.  “A typical acre in the Sierra can support roughly 80 mature trees, but the current density is more than 300 trees. A single fully grown tree can draw 100 gallons of water from the soil on a hot day. Drought kills overcrowded forests quickly.”  Excess timber needs to be properly harvested for forests to thrive.  “Like an untended garden, an abandoned forest will grow until it chokes itself to death. Nature deals with morbid overcrowding through drought, disease, pestilence and ultimately catastrophic wildfire” (WSJ, Dec. 17, 2018).

Another man-caused global warming column by Kline (Jan. 19, 2019) followed closely on the heels of a “massive blizzard impacting California mountains,” with 80-100 inches of snow pummeling the higher elevations (10News, Jan. 17, 2019).  That storm marched on across the U.S. in the following days, slamming into a broad swath of territory from Ohio to Maine, with 10-foot snow drifts and “high winds and brutally cold temperatures” (USA Today, Jan. 22, 2019).   

A key question in all of this: How is it that after 40 years of “dangerously escalating” man-caused global warming (1979-2019), we are continuing to see such ridiculously cold and deadly winter weather events?   

Kline’s abiding faith in computerized climate modeling, reconstructions of global surface temperature trends via homogenizations and warming-biased data adjustments (happy statistical enhancements), has clearly underappreciated the significance of “raw temperature” databases and long-term climate dynamics.

The earth’s climate has been in a 120-year warming trend dating back to the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA) around 1850.  Within the context of long-term historical climate and atmospheric CO2 cycles dating back to the geologic ages, however, the current cycle is unremarkable.

Kline’s Jan. 19 column happened also to coincide with the climate change warnings echoing out of Davos, Switzerland, half a world away, where ultrawealthy global elites were gathering for the annual World Economic Forum.  “Yet again,” they trumpeted from this plush resort in the Swiss Alps, “climate change is the greatest threat facing our world” (, Jan. 18, 21, 2019). 

For the record, the 3,000 attendees, the world’s “most powerful financiers, politicians, artists and celebrities,” with their army of bodyguards, were ferried into Davos-area airports on some 1,500 private jet flights, spewing an estimated 1,500 metric tons of toxic emissions into the atmosphere (, Jan. 23, 2019 ).   

For evening entertainment, attendees hopped into waiting droves of black limos and happily snaked their way out from the conference center to exclusive “parties and cocktail receptions” around Davos.  Locals fumed about the climate crusader congestion clogging their streets and snarling traffic. (Bloomberg, “Limos Versus Locals,” Jan. 20, 2019).

While this robust carbon footprint was a concern of organizers, it was all for a good cause, and they assured the rest of the world that “carbon offsets” had been secured.  As an added bonus, plastic straws had been banned at the event.

Aside from the blatant eco-hypocrisy of it all, does Kline have any concerns that the Davos “Globalization 4.0” master plan for carbon governance and global economic integration might be less about climate and much more about power and control?  And  would that masterplan in any way interpose upon the God-given freedoms and liberties of Americans and undermine the principles secured in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights?