Get your children vaccinated

Letter to the editor

OK, antivaxxers, I have had it with you. I have watched as you arrogantly refuse to vaccinate your children. You always have some sort of excuse, like how it is big pharma making money, well guess what? 

They make more money off sick people than off well people, so that holds no water. 

Dr. Jonas Salk who pioneered the Salk polio vaccine that has literally saved millions of children and families from the heartbreak of polio, never patented the vaccine. When asked why, he said, “How would you patent the sun?” Polio can not be cured. It can only be prevented by vaccination, many say just use common sense wash your hands, etc. The polio virus laughs at your naiveté. 

There are many that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. If they come in contact with your arrogance, they could die. 

I knew the kids who were permanently deaf or blind from the measles. I have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to have polio. The vaccine was in short supply when I was young and I contracted polio. I have lived with that my whole life. And while I have always managed to make the most of what I had rather than dwell on what might have been, I cannot understand how you could willfully arrogantly put your child in danger of having to spend their whole life disabled, or die long before their time because of a completely preventable disease like polio.  

I wonder how you will live with yourself if your child is disabled or dies from a preventable disease.