'Good boy!' Sioux Falls police dog retires after 7 years

Police dog Doerak retires after 7 years of service on Jan. 3 at the Sioux Falls Police Department. Doerak will go on to live with Sergeant Nick Butler and his family. (Abigail Dollins/The Argus Leader via AP)

SIOUX FALLS (AP) – The most recent retiree of the Sioux Falls Police Department is leaving after 49 years on the job – although that's if you're going by dog years.

After seven (human) years with the department, police K-9 Doerak retired on Jan. 3 to live with his former handler.

Doerak was born in Holland and came to the department in 2012 at the age of 14 months, said Police Chief Matt Burns in a press conference.

He started his career with handler Nick Butler, who worked with him for several years before getting promoted to sergeant.

Doerak then worked with Grant VanVoorst, who was his handler until his retirement, the Argus Leader reported.

"I appreciate Grant taking care of him," said Butler, who will now be bringing Doerak home permanently.

VanVoorst said he was glad that Butler trusted him to be able to work with his partner, and that "Doerak has set the bar extremely high for the K-9 unit."

In his time with the department, Doerak was responsible for the apprehension of 15 dangerous suspects, Burns said, as well as assisting in the seizure of stolen guns, drugs, drug-related currency and more.

Doerak's retirement was announced over the scanner, just as all retiring members of the department receive.

"As we close here, Doerak," Burns said near the end of the conference, “you're a good boy.”


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