Haugaard: Vote for Post

Letter to the editor

Doug Post has been a great addition to the House of Representatives. He has shown himself to be a man of principles, conviction and commitment. As a result of those qualities he is known as a respected and reliable member of the House. Doug is persuasive and helps to carry the votes needed on important legislation.

When you vote for Doug Post, you know that he will listen to and respect your opinions, study the issues, support good bills, vote against government overreach and he will effectively represent your best interests.

I appointed Doug Post to serve on the Appropriations Committee because I trust him, and he has done an excellent job. He and his family have demonstrated their commitment to service, and for that I am very thankful.

Doug invests the hundreds of hours needed to hear from and meet with his constituents, understand the issues, work on necessary legislation and helps to carry it to completion.

I appreciate Doug’s service and I fully endorse him. I encourage the voters to support Doug Post for state representative!