Help young women in trouble


I would like to respond to a letter I read on Sept. 15 about voting pro-life. 

I first want to comment on the abortion issue. The author stated there have been many abortions performed in South Dakota in the last year. 

According to the South Dakota state health department, this is true. But sometimes life does not give us clear choices. Maybe there is physical or mental abuse; or rape or incest; or even critical illness. 

We as a society have to weigh all these situations out and help the young women who have an unplanned pregnancy. There are three choices for them to consider: Abortion, giving up the child for adoption, or to care for the child herself. This is called pro-choice. All three options are legal in our country. 

Sad to say there is a fourth choice – suicide. If she feels the world is against her and no one is there to help her this may be her last option. 

It is sad that a woman may have to make one of these choices. What happened to the man who got her pregnant? I have heard men joke about this and how they got someone knocked up and walked away. What are we teaching our male children? I think society has failed the men as well as the women when it comes to unplanned pregnancy. This is their child also. 

Then the letter to the editor tied their view to voting in the upcoming election. We now need to consider the candidates. Each one has a stated view on abortion. Biden said he is pro-choice. Trump said he is pro-life. 

Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic. Catholics do not believe in abortion. 

Trump could have challenged the law during his first two years in office when the House and the Senate was both Republican. He did not – do not believe what he says but what he has done. 

Roe vs. Wade was a U.S. Supreme Court decision passed in 1973 to make abortion legal in the United States. It has been challenged many times but the majority of people in the United States have kept it a law. 

Until the law changes it doesn’t matter what the candidates say. Only the people can change the law and that can only happen when it is put on the national ballot. 

What the author of the letter to the editor needs to do, and all others who feel this way, is to contact their congressmen and senators and have the law changed. 

Then don’t just pass a law and walk away from the situation. Volunteer to help young women in schools and colleges to understand the repercussion of an unwanted pregnancy. Get involved with a rape crisis center. 

Be there for women in need that are living in shelters. Be involved.