Hibiscis plants can bloom from spring to fall

www.gardneing knowhow.com photo: Hibiscus plants can be grown indoors or outdoors.

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Hibiscus plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. They need full sun and soil that has good drainage so the roots remain healthy. If growing them indoors use warm water when watering them. Outdoors water three to four times per week with warm water.

With the proper amount of sunlight a hibiscus will bloom from spring until fall. When growing indoors they need to be fertilized weekly to keep them healthy and blooming. Outdoors they only need to be fertilized every two weeks when they are blooming.

Don’t use chemical fertilizer on hibiscus plants. Use 10-10-10 fertilizer and water-soluble that contains ample traces of potassium, iron and magnesium applied at the base of the plant is best.

When planting them make sure it is after all danger from frost has passed. Dig a hole that is approximately the same depth as the root ball. Fill the hole half way with dirt before watering it generously. Then let it drain and continue to fill the hole. Plant Hibiscus 3 feet apart to make sure they have room to grow and bloom.

Hibiscus plants are prone to get aphids, whiteflies and spider mites. Check the plants on a regular basis to catch a problem early so it can be treated.

It is best to use a horticultural soap or insecticidal soap rather than insecticides that contain imidacloprid that can worsen spider mite infestations.

Hibiscus plants should be pruned in the fall, pruning can be done in the spring before the plant starts to grow and produce flower buds. Cut back about one-third of the branches leaving at least three sturdy branches. Remove branches that are growing abnormally such as sideways.

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