Kidwiler: Tidemann the right person for the job

Letter to the editor

The right to vote is a responsibility of the citizens of this country to exercise. On June 2, the registered voters of South Dakota will go to the polls to vote in the South Dakota Primary. One of the positions being voted on is the candidate for District 7 representative.

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse and urge you to vote for Larry Tidemann for District 7 state senator.

I have known Larry for many years. Larry and I grew up in the same area, and I admired him even as a youth because of his leadership abilities in 4-H. Later, we worked for many years in the same department at SDSU. 

Again, I witnessed his strong leadership skills in dealing with employees and with constituents throughout the state. 

In each of these examples, Larry took on leadership roles and did an outstanding job in each – helping to guide these organizations to accomplish their goals and missions.

Larry is a team worker and a team leader. He listens to all sides of any discussion and carefully weighs the best interest in each decision, making a decision which will be the best, not for the individual, but for the state as a whole. Sometimes these decisions are not easy but he is diligent in his efforts to strive for what is the best decision for all concerned.

Fiscal responsibility is becoming more and more important as tax dollars are spread thin across budgets. 

Larry has served for 14 years on the State Appropriations committee and is concerned, not only about the fiscal responsibility of the state, but also the effect that budget decisions will have on the individual budgets of families – both young and old.

Larry has demonstrated all those strengths throughout his tenure in the state Legislature. I urge you to vote for Larry on June 2 and return him to Pierre to work for the interests of all South Dakotans.