Le Vent du Nord to perform in Brookings

Courtesy photo: Le Vent du Nord

BROOKINGS – The Brookings Arts Council has announced the return of Le Vent du Nord to Brookings on Sept. 24 and 25. This ensemble originally was introduced to the Brookings community through the Arts Midwest Worldfest Series and now returns as a part of the 3M Community Vibrancy Series.

Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party, infusing old Québec, with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. Since its founding in 2002, Le Vent du Nord has won critical acclaim and audience adoration across Europe and North America.

LVDN plays pieces composed by members of the group and traditional québecois tunes, sometimes adding elements from pop and jazz. The groups members are: Réjean Brunet (diatonic accordion, acoustic bass, jaw harp, vocals), Nicolas Boulerice (hurdy gurdy, piano, piano-accordion, vocals), Olivier Demers (fiddle, guitar, vocals, foot tapping). Simon Beaudry (guitar, bouzouki, voice) and André Brunet (fiddle, foot-tapping, vocals).

During their visit, Le Vent du Nord will perform for all Camelot students and a large group of elementary students. Ticket prices are $12 for adults, $5 for all youth and SDSU students. Tickets can be purchased at the Brookings Arts Council or online at brookingsartscouncil.org.


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