Let’s prepare for future pandemics

Letter to the editor

I cannot help but think that we have a unique opportunity to perform a dry run in preparation for a more deadly pandemic. The current CARES Act funds can be used to:

1. Modify infrastructure for better air handling to reduce indoor viral levels.

2. Change building entrances to automatic open.

3. Redesign seating and positioning of clients in business places including stores and restaurants.

4. Redesign entrances of nursing homes and health care facilities so that we can dress and switch out outside clothes leaving the viral particles behind, thus allowing us to visit and hug our elderly.

5. Set up funding mechanisms to ensure that rents and housing payments are covered and that no one is evicted during a pandemic.

6. Consider how we will continue to feed our municipality as food sources dry up worldwide. Maybe set up dehydration facilities to handle the extra milk and crops in the fields rather than discard such valuable nutritional foodstuffs.

We have been given a unique opportunity to perform a dry run for a more visibly deadly virus. SARS-CoV-2 is very infectious, and some people are willing to accept the death rates associated with this virus as not that worrisome. However, those who have been infected and do not die may be left with damage to the heart, lung, kidney, liver and all internal regions that express the ACE receptor, a critical binding site for the virus in order to invade the body

Unlike Polio, where the after- effects of infection are visible to all (deformed limbs), COVID-19’s virus SARS-CoV-2 leaves debilitating effects that are not as obvious to the general public.

Whatever funds are available now, will not be available in the future because the economic fallout from Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2 are going to grow worse with time. The changes made now, while there are funds available,ø will serve us well for future pandemics when the funds now available are no longer available.