Little Leprechaun

Little Leprechaun Club members brought supplies for the Brookings County Animal Shelter as their community service project this month.

The Little Leprechaun 4-H Club met Sunday, Oct. 7, at the Outdoor Adventure Center. Guests Madyson Oines and Bailey Gjernes were welcomed. 

Flag salute and 4H flag pledge were lead by Kamryn Stre-ich. President Emily Robbins called the meeting to order. Roll Call topic was What is your favorite hobby?  Birthdays this month are Karianne Kessler and Justin Granum.  

Emily Robbins and Lauren Hansen made a fleece blanket and bought supplies for a baby born during 4-H week this year. Thank you notes were written for our 4-H Advisor Sonia Mack and Administrative Assistant Susan Vanderwal. 

These were given during National 4-H week. Club members were reminded of the 4-H Hobo Day float. The Talk this month was ‘What would you like to do or accomplish this 4H year?’ Election of officers were held. They are President Karianne Kessler, Vice President Justin Granum, Secretary Kamryn Streich, Treasurer Kyle Gayne, Flag Leader Madyson Oines and Song Leader Liam McCausland. 

The Financial Audit committee this year will be Kyle Gayne, Karianne Kessler, Gwen McCausland, and Heidi Kessler. They will met at 12:30 Nov. 4. Treats were provided by Kamryn Streich. Kyle Gayne offered to drop off supplies brought by club members to the Animal Shelter.


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