Littlecott: Niemeyer the best choice

Letter to the editor

I am a conservative Republican who has not always agreed with every decision of the current city council, which is a natural dynamic of representative government – especially with local nonpartisan leadership. 

I stand in firm support of Ope Niemeyer for mayor. Brookings needs a mayor who is not a liability or an embarrassment, but someone who, whether you always agree with him or not, is worthy of some hard-earned respect.  

He possesses the emotional intelligence, integrity, and personal and professional judgment to work and partner effectively with business and nonprofit leadership. Ope has no personal agenda or axe to grind. As council member, Ope considers the viewpoints of all Brookings citizens and relies on legitimate sources of information and expertise in informing his decision-making, and will continue to do so as mayor. Our city deserves responsible, intelligent, honest, and transparent leadership, and Ope has demonstrated he is the man to provide it.