Man arrested, accused of fraud while buying home

BROOKINGS – A man was arrested Monday after he allegedly tried to buy a house with forged papers, according to the Brookings Police.

“He was attempting to make large purchases and was misrepresenting himself as someone who had a lot more money than he really did,” said Lt. Derrick Powers.

“This was an investigation into some fraudulent activity in the area,” Powers said. “We received a report that an individual was attempting to make some large purchases in town.

“One of the purchases he was attempting (was) to buy a house locally and had provided some forged documents in order to enter into a purchase agreement for the residence,” Powers said.

Police determined the documents were forged and identified him as a 31-year-old man who had recently come to Brookings from Washington.

He was arrested on suspicion of forgery and transported to the Brookings County Detention Center.

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