Mask protestors disrespect heroic health care workers

Letter to the editor

Last week, I ended up with dangerously low potassium, which was scary as hell, I could barely move.

I had little choice but to call 911, many of the symptoms were COVID type, and yet from the second the 911 operated answered they did everything possible to help me, knowing all of that. 

From the 911 operator who stayed on the line with me, until the EMTs got there, to the EMTs who were professional, yet caring and helpful, to the wonderful ER nurse and all the helpers there, the doctors in ER, the lab techs, x-ray, MRI all did an amazing job, not just of taking care of me but making me feel like I mattered and that they did in fact care.

I was tested right away for COVID-19 and thankfully clear. They made sure I was comfortable and took amazing care of me, while explaining what was going on with me, what they thought the problems were or might be, always kind and considerate. Though I could tell the Brookings hospitalwas extremely busy with all that is going on, they still made me feel like I was the most important person in the world, at a time when I was honestly feeling like I was the least important.

They checked me in for an overnight stay pumping what seemed like my weight in potassium into me; through an IV and horse pills, I slowly began to feel better. They made sure I got a good meal as soon as they knew it wasn’t something that might cause issues with.Every single person at the hospital went out of their way to be kind and to make sure I was doing OK and if I needed anything. They took their time, though they were super busy and made sure I felt comfortable with everything every step of the way.

I haven’t mentioned names for fear I would miss someone and sincerely don’t want to do that, but I must mention one; Heather Bortnem, a nurse with BHS and a personal friend who has once again been an amazing Angel of Mercy. I frankly don’t know what I would have done this weekend without her wonderful help. I cannot thank you enough Heather.

I think of how people arrogantly flaunt their supposed “right” to not wear a mask, while these health care workers put themselves in danger, not to mention the extra stress added to an already very stressful job, the added potential incredible heartbreak, all I can say is How Dare YOU!