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City council awards bids for maintenance and overlay, chip seal projects

BROOKINGS – The City of Brookings is gearing up for summer road work.

The Brookings City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved Resolution 22-035, awarding bids on the 2022 Street Maintenance and Overlay Project.

The project was awarded to Bowes Construction, with a low bid of $1,947,515.05, which came in approximated 8% lower than the engineer’s estimate.

“This project … includes asphalt milling, digouts and overlays on various streets in Brookings that are in need of repair,” according to a memo from City Engineer Charlie Richter, attached to the council agenda online. “This year, the project also includes sidewalk ramp upgrades and new fillets as a larger combined project. Brookings Municipal Utilities also added some combined work on this project to install water main and replace sanitary sewer manholes during the street construction.” 

According to the memo, the areas identified for repair this year include: 

• Third Street from 17th Avenue to 22nd Avenue: mill and overlay and sidewalk ramp upgrades 

• 14th Avenue from Sixth Street to Eighth Street: water main replacement and reclamation and reconstruction of the street 

• Second Street from Medary Avenue to 16th Avenue: curb and gutter patching and mill and overlay 

• Eighth Street South from Main Avenue to Medary Avenue: mill and overlay and new pavement marking 

• Martin Boulevard east of Rhonda Road: digout small section of road to install drain tile to address structural issues of the road 

• 17th Avenue railroad crossing: the railroad will be installing new crossing gates, and in conjunction, the city will be replacing some sidewalk 

• Medary Avenue from Seventh Street to 11th Street: mill and overlay and new pavement marking 

• Eighth Street from Medary Avenue to 14th Avenue: mill and overlay 

• Jackrabbit Avenue from Sixth Street to Eighth Street: reclaim pavement section and replace some sidewalk ramps and alley approach

• Seventh Street from Medary Avenue to Jackrabbit Avenue: replacement and upgrades to sidewalk ADA ramps 

• Alley running east and west between Eighth Street and Ninth Street connecting Seventh Avenue to Sixth Avenue: mill and overlay 

A late May start date is planned for the overlay project, and completion is expected in November, according to Assistant City Manager Jacob Meshke’s progress report Tuesday.

And at its April 19 meeting, the council approved Resolution 22-025, awarding bids on the 2022 Chip Seal Project. The project was awarded to Topkote Inc., with a low bid of $397,637.78.

“This is an annual project, where the contractor applies oil and city-purchased quartzite chips to the streets. The city then sweeps up the excess chips afterward for re-use or sale. Epoxy pavement marking was also included to the project to paint the pavement marking on several collector and arterial streets after the chip seal is applied,” according to a memo from Richter.

The low bid was about 15% higher than the engineer’s estimate this year.

“The increase in cost was due to quartzite chip application prices being higher than expected. After speaking with the contractors, we determined the increased price was attributed mostly to fuel, oil and labor price increases and the uncertainty of future prices,” Richter’s memo says.

Expected completion for the chip seal work on 45 streets is in September. No start date has been set for the work.

During his progress report Tuesday, Meshke highlighted the 15th Street South and Seventh Avenue South project, which includes new water main, storm sewer, curb and gutter, ramps, detention basin, roadway and sidewalk. Work on that resumed in March after a significant portion was done in 2021, and completion is anticipated in July.

Another project highlighted by Meshke on Tuesday was the Eighth Street South and Main Avenue South Intersection Project.

The project includes replacement of asphalt surface with concrete, new water main, a new video detection system, pedestrian push button pedestals, sidewalks and ramps. The project will begin toward the end of May, Meshke said, and completion is expected in late August.

“One note with this is that intersection will be closed for the vast majority of the summer. That will start after school ends this year. It will be complete before school goes into session next season. We will be putting out detour routes and additional information on that as this will be a significant impact through the course of this summer,” Meshke said.

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