Mystery man leaves $1K tip at Sioux Falls bar

SIOUX FALLS (AP) – An anonymous customer at a Sioux Falls bar left a $1,000 tip on a $14 bill last week to help the tavern cope with a lack of business due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Argus Leader reported that the man ordered chislic and tater tots at Gateway Casino and Lounge on Friday. He handed the receipt to manager Jackson Rentschler and asked him not to tell anyone what he just did. Then he slipped out the door.

Rentschler looked at the receipt and realized the man had tipped $1,000 on a $13.96 bill.

The manager said the man is a local business owner who has come into the bar weekly since the early 2000s. On Friday he asked how the staff was doing during the coronavirus outbreak and how the business had been impacted. Gov. Kristi Noem has resisted calls to order businesses closed in the state, instead urging them to use common sense.

Gateway has kept its regular hours but has seen a steep decline in orders. The tavern has has canceled live entertainment and reduced seating capacity.

The tip was split equally among about 20 staff members. Each of them each take home about $50 extra for the day.


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