No. 14: Cossacks continue dominance

SDPB image: Sioux Valley won its 14th consecutive title at the Class A State Competitive Cheer Competition on Friday at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

RAPID CITY – The dynasty lives on.

Sioux Valley earned a score of 283 to easily outdistance the field at the Class A State Competitive Cheer Competition on Friday evening at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

It marked the Cossacks’ 14th consecutive title – the second-longest championship streak in state history, regardless of sport.

“I spent the season praying we would make it to this point and at the same time feeling guilty because I never want to wish away time,” said SV coach Casie King. “(Thursday) I remember thinking this is the most at peace I have ever been as we drove to the state tournament. I think that is because we are just so thankful to be here.

“If nothing else, 2020 has taught us to take nothing for granted.

“I am so incredibly thankful to the state of South Dakota for providing the opportunity for athletes to have their season. Their jobs would have been so much easier to just cancel everything. Yet they made it work.

“Our own school has had Homecoming and pep rallies and parades and we have been able to attend all of our children’s events. I am so grateful for the opportunities we have had this year.

“And yet as I say every year, I’m not ready for this chapter to be over. We have had such an amazing season and our team left absolutely everything on the floor today.

“They had an almost flawless routine and I could not have asked for anything more!

“Our scores were all over the place – from a 97.5 to a 92.5. I have to agree with that 97.5!”

Wolsey-Wessington was second at 230.5 – 52.5 points off the pace. The Lady Warbirds were the small group champs.

Sioux Valley, which owns the state meet record regardless of class with a 293.5 (posted in 2019), has taken home the first-place hardware every year since the sport was sanctioned by the SDHSAA for the 2007-08 school year.

“Winning No. 14 feels phenomenal,” King added. “I loved every moment I had with my team – from my wonderful seniors to coaching my own three girls, this will definitely be a year to remember!”

The Cossacks’ seniors in 2020 were Chloe Andre, Taylor Bingham, Keatyn Moad and Ashton Tucker. Coach King’s daughters are junior Kalista, sophomore Kiana and seventh-grader Kalia.

Deubrook Area (194.5) was eighth/fourth (small group) and Arlington/Lake Preston (134.5) ended up 17th/11th.

Dakota Valley won its 11th competitive dance championship in a row with a 346 as Winner Area (310) was second.


(Year sport sanctioned in parenthesis)

Gymnastics (1974) – 16

Madison, 1995-2010 A [two-class]

Competitive cheer (2007) – 14

*Sioux Valley, 2007-20 A [three-class 2007-12, two-class 2013-18]

Girls’ track & field (1969) – 13

Rapid City Stevens, 1996-2008 AA [three-class]

Competitive dance (2007) – 11

*Dakota Valley, 2010-20 [two-class]

Boys’ cross country (1946) – 10

Rapid City Stevens, 1995-2004 AA [three-class]

Boys’ track & field (1969) – 9

Sioux Falls Washington, 1953-61 A [two-class]

Girls’ cross country (1976) – 8

Rapid City Stevens, 1993-2000 AA [three-class]

Girls’ tennis (1973) – 8

O’Gorman, 2007-14 [one-class]

Girls’ golf (1977) – 7

Clark, 2004-10 B [three-class]

   Note: co-op with Willow Lake in 2009-10.

Boys’ golf (1928) – 6

Rapid City Stevens, 1994-99 A [two-class]

Boys’ tennis (1971) – 6

*Sioux Falls Lincoln, 2014-19 [one-class]

   Note: No state tournament in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Football (playoff era, 1981) – 6

West Central, 2000-05 11A [six-class]

   Note: Sioux Falls Washington won 14 consecutive titles from 1952-65 prior to the playoff era.

Girls’ basketball (1975) – 5

Armour, 1983-87 B [two-class 1983-84, three-class 1985-87]

St. Thomas More, 2014-18 A [three-class]

Boys’ basketball (1912) – 4

Yankton, 1922-25 [one-class]

Volleyball (1982) – 4

Northwestern, 2003-06 B [three-class]

   Note: co-op with Cresbard in 2003.

Wrestling (1960) – 4

Spearfish, 1960-63 [one-class]

   Note: Tied for first with Rapid City in 1963

Mitchell, 1995-98 A [two-class]

Pierre, 2015-18 A [two class]

Girls’ soccer (2014) – 3

West Central, 2016-18 A [two-class]

Boys’ soccer (2014) – 3

Tea Area, 2017-19 A [two-class]



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