Noem should lead by example

Letter to the editor

The Speakout submitted by Kristi Noem dated Monday, Nov. 16, highlights the visits she made around the state. 

She spoke with mayors and community members. She doesn’t mention visiting hospitals, clinics, or speaking to medical staff. She doesn’t mention visiting or speaking with families who have lost loved ones to COVID. 

She states her “heart breaks for the families who will never see their loved ones again,” yet her travels did not include them.

On, there is a post from Dr. Wendell Hoffman, a Sioux Falls doctor, respectfully pleading for help from the governor. It is heartbreaking. Governor Noem didn’t respond personally in this piece. Instead, her communications director, Ian Fury, sent a snarky reply that included this sentence; “Since the start of the pandemic, Governor Noem has focused on solutions that DO good, not solutions that FEEL good.” This kind of response from our state leadership is unacceptable.

We know masks do good. They may not stop the pandemic in its tracks, but they can help slow it down. Please wear a mask when you are in a public space.