Parent & Guardian Symposium at BHS Thursday

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BROOKINGS – The public is invited to attend the Parent & Guardian Symposium starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5, in Bell Auditorium at the Brookings High School.  

The evening will focus on pitfalls that can impact local teenagers and will start with local resources being available for questions and information during the resource fair from 6-6:30 p.m. 

Speakers will begin at 6:30 p.m. and are scheduled for a half hour on each topic. Topic include vaping, presented by the school resource officer; social media, presented by school counselors; and sleep needs, presented by Dr. Matt Bien.

“It is easier to say ‘no’ to classmates that you are not familiar with than it is when several of your friends suggest that you should try something. Vaping became easily available and did not seem harmful at first to most teenagers. Many high schoolers have said that it is no big deal. With new research coming out, it does seem to be a big deal. We want to add to the conversation that is happening around the state so that Brookings parents are not behind the other towns on this topic,” Mickelson Middle School Counselor Chad Adamson said.

“We also want to continue the conversation on social media use. Each year there are new apps that become the popular ones for teens. We want to inform the public about current apps, how teens hide them on their devices, and how they make a second account in apps that parents don’t know about,” Adamson continued.

“We are also concerned about the sleep patterns of local teens. They are having a difficult time shutting things down at night and getting proper rest. The time teens fall asleep has gotten later and later. And the sleep is often interrupted by continual device pinging throughout the night,” Adamson said. “Hopefully the evening will guide families into healthy conversations and assist with setting boundaries for a positive plan in decision making.”

This event is sponsored by Brookings School District and Social Net Works.  Social Net Works is a collaborative group whose mission is building resilient children and families.  

For more information about the symposium, contact Michelle Vande Weerd at 696-4714.


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