PD: Juveniles nabbed after window damaged

BROOKINGS – Two juvenile males are suspected of throwing rocks and damaging the window of a business, according to Brookings Police.

The police were alerted by a window break alarm at 10:26 p.m. Tuesday for a business in the 700 block of 25th Avenue, Lt. Marci Gebers said.

“When officers responded, they did observe damage to the storefront. They saw that there was a window that had been broken,” she said.

Officers patrolled the area for suspects and to see if there was any more damage to surrounding businesses.

“One of our officers actually located a juvenile male behind one of the local businesses,” Gebers said. “He actually took off running from the officer to the west.

“At the same time, (the officer) noticed that there was another juvenile that was climbing up a ladder on that business,” Gebers said, adding both juveniles were boys.

While other officers attempted to locate the juvenile who had taken off running, the one officer made contact with the juvenile who was on the ladder. That boy got down from the ladder and took off running; he was located a short time later, Gebers said.

“It was determined through the course of the investigation that the juveniles that (officers) located were the same juveniles that were seen in front of the business that received damage, and they had been throwing rocks that caused damage to that storefront,” Gebers said.

Only one juvenile was picked up that night, she said, “however, we do know both of the juveniles and charges are pending.”

The damaged window was still intact, so the boys did not have access to the inside of the business, Gebers said. A damage estimate is not available at this time.