Please wear a mask

Letter to the editor

I am not a person of many words when it comes to making a point; therefore this will be brief.

The city council has mandated masks in public places where social distancing is not possible,

However, not all adhere to this mandate.

Some blame it on the students, whether college or the school system.

None of us are immune from this sometimes deadly virus.

It’s real and our infected numbers increase daily.

Masks are readily available in many businesses and some are free.

So what if your glasses get fogged up. Mine are dirty most of the time anyway.

Let us Brookings residents show the rest of the state and other states that we as a community can flatten the curve until a vaccine is developed. Please, I beg you to follow the mask rules and social distance rules before the community and businesses and the schools have to shut down again.

Thank you and God’s blessing to all.