Plenty of fun at ‘Kids’ Night Out’

BROOKINGS – Holy Life Tabernacle at 241 Mustang Pass in Brookings hosted its annual “Kids’ Night Out” event Tuesday, June 11. 

This year, 346 children and adults attended the fun-filled evening and 32 new bicycles were given away thanks to the generosity of its members. Children enjoyed face painting, balloon sculptures, games, treasure hunts, obstacle course, basketball, and an obstacle bounce and slide. In addition, there was lively music and fun videos. 

Over the years, Holy Life has given away 247 new children’s bicycles. Participants do not need to be a member of the church to win a bike; in fact, most of the bikes have gone to people who do not attend this church. The children register at the start of the evening. 

Each bicycle has a basket on the handle bars so the child can put their name in the basket for the bike that best fits them as a boy or girl. A drawing is held at the end of the evening.

The Rev. Dave Kaufman says the church is always excited about this annual event. People begin contributing money in March at their annual Kid’s Fundraiser. 

“We do something quite unique. We have a large parking lot that collects much snow. We call the huge snow piles ‘Mt. Tabernacle,’” Kaufman said in a release. 

People can vote for the day and time that they believe the snow pile will be totally melted. Each vote costs one dollar, so it is a fun and painless way to raise money for children’s bicycles. People can vote as many times as they want, so people are encouraged to “stuff” the ballot box. 

The winner gets a Perkins pie of their choice and the satisfaction of blessing children. This year with a few late snow storms, the official snow melt date was Sunday, April 28, at 3 p.m. 

Holy Life Tabernacle is a longstanding member of the Brookings Christian community. Pastor Kaufman indicates that The Tabernacle will host its “Kids’ Night Out” event again in June 2020.

Courtesy photos:

Above: The Holy Life kids worship team shares a song at Kids’ Night Out.

Below 1: The Rev. Dave Kaufman with some of the 32 children’s bicycles to be given away.

Below 2: From left, Joshua Noonoo, who won a bike, with his mom, Patience Noonoo from Brookings; Josie Hegerfeld, who won a bike, with her dad Alex Hegerfeld from Brookings; and Dean Rollo, who won a bike, with his parents, Jeremy and Michele Klingbile from Brookings.


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