Root seeks Dist. 4 seat in Senate

Courtesy photo: Daryl Root

CLEAR LAKE – Earlier this year, the Libertarian Party of South Dakota nominated Daryl Root, of Clear Lake, for the District 4 seat in the South Dakota Senate.

Root, a Libertarian, will face Republican incumbent John Wiik in the Nov. 3 election.

Root is the present treasurer of the state Libertarian Party and previously ran for office in 2018.

“I wasn’t planning to run this year. However, no Democrat had stepped up to challenge the incumbent. I don’t like the idea of someone just waltzing into office without voters having another option. When nominated by our east regional coordinator, CJ Abernathey, I felt compelled to accept.”

Root said he is a strong believer in self-autonomy, government non-intervention, low taxation, and private enterprise solutions to social issues.

“South Dakota is a strong Republican state. Yet, if you look closely, there’s little difference in the two major parties these days. Neither party creates income or wealth. They take it – just for different pet projects and wishes, and often for things they should not,” Root said. 

“Libertarians offer something different. We much prefer each constituent spend their hard-earned money on what they decide is important, not what politicians try to coerce you into thinking is necessary. We put our full trust in the people, and only the people. That’s what our forefathers believed, and Libertarians still do.”

Root continued, “I know I’m not the Democrats’ version of an ideal candidate, but I hope they will join with independent voters and find it in their best interests to vote for the only candidate in this race who isn’t beholden to the GOP monopoly in this state.”

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