Rounds’ explanation would be helpful

Donald Trump knew in February how dangerous and deadly coronavirus was going to be but he deliberately played down the severity. Most of us who were watching knew he was lying about the disease. But people closest to Trump, including Republican senators, knew this also. When Republican senators voted to acquit Trump on Feb. 5, they knew he’d obstructed justice and that this epidemic had already reached our shores.

Republican senators let this happen. They are not telling us what they knew. A few who are talking are pointing to the president’s leadership in stopping travel from China and Europe. Nonsense. Such travel stoppages were ill-planned and executed. They were implemented without high-level discussions with officials of originating countries. Thus, pre-checking procedures for passengers at originating terminals was a sad joke. Massive numbers of infected travelers coughed and sneezed during their ocean crossings. Upon arriving in America, many of these passengers report being hurried through the terminal with cursory checking or none at all. This was step-1 in how presidential ineptness dealt with this deadly disease.  

Are you shocked to observe that Republican senators like Mike Rounds haven’t come forward with their perspectives? There should have been far fewer deaths except for Trump’s incompetence. Every Republican senator who voted against his impeachment also bears responsibility. They knew Trump would try to profit from this crisis, that he would lie about it, and that he would blame others.  Trump and every Republican senator is guilty of failing to protect all Americans, including those who elected them.