SDSU's Tucker Large Emerging as a Star

SDSU sophomore safety Tucker Large is now turning into quite the player maker in the secondary for the Jackrabbits. But he may have never given football a try at Roosevelt high school if it wasn't for one of his current teammates.

"One of our best players, one our of most instinctual players on defense, there's no doubt about it," SDSU Defensive Coordinator Jesse Bobbit said.

Tucker Large will be a fixture in the Jackrabbit secondary this season, but back in his earliest days at Roosevelt High School, I wanted to focus on basketball and nearly said no thanks to playing football, if it wasn't for one of his current teammates.

"I was best friends with his little brother Jack McCormick and he (Mason McCormick) had forced us to go to weigh-ins and get our pads and everything and I was like no, I'm not showing up for practice, I'm not doing any of that, so I didn't go out my first year. And then my second year he was really pushing me to go out and was like bro, just do it," Large said.

"I mean I was definitely hounding him about it, just coming out and giving it a shot. And I figured he would love it, I knew Tucker pretty well and obviously it's paid off for him big time," Mason McCormick said.

Large would join the SDSU Football Program as a walk-on in 2021.

"What do I remember when I first met him? All the hype Mason McCormick was talking because he was friends with his older brother and he was from the same high school and Mason's good friends with his older brother and he was telling all us safeties that this guy is going to come take your spot, he's a stud at basketball, all these things." former SDSU Safety Chase Norblade said with a smile.

"After redshirting as a freshman, the following season the Sioux Falls native's first career start would come week two against UC Davis.

"I get goosebumps talking about it right now, it was surreal," Large said candidly. "I knew all my hard work and dedication were finally going to pay off and I was just ready for the moment to be honest."

"He showed our defensive staff that he could do it, he showed me that he could do it and that I could put him in and rely on him, his teammates could rely on him. So, that was an awesome thing to see," Bobbit said.

Large would see action in all 15 games a season ago, including a start in the National Championship, on his way to being named to the All-Conference Newcomer Team.

"I had opportunities to go play division II football with a scholarship and everything, but like I said my goal was to play division I and I knew I could and I believed in myself everyday," Large stated.

"I think it kind of defines South Dakota State football in a sense. So, when you look at it, Tucker Large is a big representative of what South Dakota State football is and why we have success," Bobbit remarked.

SDSU will be back in action this Saturday at home against Montana State. Kickoff time is set for 6pm