Sharing a love of science, reading

BROOKINGS – Eighth-grade science students from Krista Shilvock’s and Taylor Jordan’s classes at Mickelson Middle School created their own children’s stories that related to class content and recently read their stories to several kindergarten through second-grade elementary classrooms throughout the Brookings School District. 

Shown above reading to the students are Bernice Moriarty, Claire Einspahr and Kayla Kiecksee.

Students from both the middle school and elementary schools enjoyed getting to know one another along with sharing and fostering a mutual love of reading, writing and science. 

The eighth-graders could choose to write about anything covered in science class throughout the year, which ranged from the rock cycle to taking care of the environment to outer space and many other topics in-between. 

A big thank you to the following elementary teachers for taking time out of their busy days of learning to allow the eighth-graders to come read to them: Erin Moser, Lara Langelatt, Kali Lamp, Pam Larson, Amy Schneider, Molly Alberts, Kathleen Beste, Brianna Erickson, BilliJo Johnson, Holly Ballis, Nikki Leite, Jule Bullington, Tonya Christenson, Brianne Bolstad, Billi Jo Meyer and Chelsea Acheson. 

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