Sioux Falls art gallery celebrates exhibit by Brookings painter Rasche

Courtesy images: Acrylics “In the Shade,” left, and “Conversation” by Jessie Rasche will be featured in an exhibit at EastBank Art Gallery in Sioux Falls.

SIOUX FALLS – On Friday, Aug. 2, there will be a fun and free event for all who enjoy artwork in the Sioux Falls area. 

From 5-8 p.m., EastBank Art Gallery celebrates its August exhibition, including featured guest artist Jessie Rasche. Rasche’s exhibition is titled “Impressions of South Dakota,” featuring new art painted especially for this event. She will have work available for any space or budget, from small sketches to large paintings, all celebrating the small things that make you smile.

EastBank Art Gallery is run by professional South Dakota artists. The opening reception also celebrates the work of EastBank member artist Jim Heroux, and there will be artist talks between 5 and 6 p.m. If you enjoy the Sioux Falls art walk, or just enjoy great artwork, you won’t want to miss this special exhibit.

“I love painting the animals that live close to home. Since we live outside Brookings, those animals are cows and horses and birds. Every time I see these animals, it makes me happy. I try to capture some of that joy in my art, so that my paintings will bring others happiness as well,” said Rasche.

“She likes to illustrate an image or emotion with patterns and gestures, many brush strokes that add up to a finished piece. When you step close to one of her paintings, you can see deliberate strokes of color, and when you step back, the colors blend and become whole, encompassing the viewer with a moment of beauty,” said Jennifer Larue, arts reporter, the Spokesman Review.

“There is a somewhat Romantic or nostalgic quality to [Rasche’s painting], but it is not overly idealized or accentuated to the point of artifice or disbelief. Instead the landscape is rendered as endearing in its straight forward candor and naturalness,” said Greg Blair, Northern Galleries director.

If you miss the opening celebration, stop by the gallery in August to enjoy the exhibition.

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