Sioux Falls woman charged with falsely reporting shooting

SIOUX FALLS (AP) – A Sioux Falls woman has been charged with false reporting after calling in a fake report of a person with a gunshot wound in the chest because she wanted to get in contact with a police detective.

The Argus Leader reports the 48-year-old woman first called 911 Thursday afternoon, asking to be put in contact with the detective, police spokesman Sam Clemens said. Dispatch told her they couldn’t give the number.

The woman said she would call back, Clemens said. She then called 911 twice to report someone had been shot in the chest.

Police quickly figured out no one had been shot and that there were no threats. Instead, they found the woman who wanted to speak with the detective.

It’s unknown why the woman wanted to speak with the detective, Clemens said. The detective didn’t respond to the call.



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